Services and Leisure facilities

Efficient integrated services

Due to the investments that have been made continuously for many years, the Warndt Inter-Municipality provides a wide range of first-rate community services that are both reliable and convenient.

  • The department for extracurricular activities takes care of older children and teenagers.
    The multi-use centre offering day-care service for children between 3 months and 6 years is a fully renovated structure well-equipped for the nursing and education of the young.
  • Water, electricity, sanitation are managed by the Community or associated entities(private suppliers or Municipal electricity board).As they are considered as a component of public services, the tariffs are kept under control throughout the French territory.
  • Household waste collection is based on the multi-stream system, so that, by encouraging adequate sorting and recycling, the costs of processing can be maintained at a reasonable level.
  • The local TV Channel provides practical information that local residents find very useful.

Socio-cultural facilities

Socio-cultural, sport and leisure facilities are numerous and adapted to the most diverse practices.

Among the most attractive sites, we can mention the Water Sports stadium  with its diving tower and leisure pools or the Multi-media Library (see Site de la Inter-Municipality – Site of the Media library ) which also offers an exhibition hall, a movie theater, a reading room….

The density of clubs and associations – over 100 – facilitates socialisation and community spirit.

  • Culture (17 associations)
    Music, drama, folklore,…
  • Sport (32 associations)
    basket-ball, boxing, cycling, chess, dancing, football, ju-jitsu, judo, karate, swimming angling boules, diving, tennis, shooting, volley-ball,…
  • Leisure (9 associations)iking, patchwork,…
  • Clubs (9 associations)
    clubs, veterans,…
  • Miscellaneous (35 associations)
    carnival, parents’ associations, health-care,…

Wide range of restaurants, shops and supermarkets for every taste and budget.

Tourism in Département Moselle  : 

Sports et Leisure-time  :

  • Music and Dance academy : 
  • Cultural centres in Creutzwald  : 
  • Baltus Le Lorrain Hall : performance hall, suitable for ceremonies, sports…
  • Shows (concerts, galas, artistic evenings) :seating up to 1450 or 3000 standing places
  • Events: seating capacity:up to 1000 places
  • Sports :capacity : up to 400 places (bleachers)
  • Meetings, assemblies:capacity: up to 1000 persons

Sports facilities

Public facilities

The City of Creutzwald has various schools ranging from kindergarten to high school and offers continuing education and specialized courses. The town and villages belonging to the Warndt Inter-Municipality have a total of 12 nursery schools, 9 elementary schools, one middle school and one high school (offering both standard and vocational education).

Learning the language of the neighbour / partner is very important: all elementary schools in Creutzwald offer tuition in language, from the 1st or 2nd grade. Some bi-cultural school clusters also introduce German at kindergarten level.

Waste collection and recycling

Services offered in Germany

Culture / Tourism in the Greater Region:  : 
Culture & tourism Saarland / Département Moselle  : 
Services provided in Saarland  : 

Saarland Therme in Saarbrücken

The Saarland-Therme : 

Golf course : 

For advanced golf players :