A natural

A first-rate living and natural work environment

The WarndtParK is a unique place offering a dynamic living and work environment due to a wide range of exceptional features: a multi-functional conceptpromoting quality of life and exchanges; the presence of a Community centre serving the BIZ; the preservation of landscapes combined with the creation of attractive public spaces; a keen sense of inventiveness and originality, etc.

The WarndtParK has been conceived as a multi-purpose platform to harbour not only businesses, Waldstädte (≈ residential areas in the forest), a recreation area, shops, but also a community service centre including a day-care centre, the WarndtparK Reception centre, a restaurant, a training center etc… The site has so much to offer, including: enjoying the nature trails created in the forest, exploring the assets related to the cross-border position, pooling the facilities to be used by the community).

En plus de sa vocation d’accueil d’activités économiques, de Waldstadt (quartiers d’habitat dans la forêt), d’aire de loisirs, de commerces mais également d’un pôle de services accueillant par exemple, crèche, maison du parK, restauration, pôle de formation etc… Les usages du WarndtParK sont multiples (sentiers de découverte du milieu forestier, et de la notion transfrontalière, mutualisation d’équipements à l’échelle communautaire).

Guided Tour :

Let us imagine what the WarndtParK will look like in a few years’ time…

WarndtParK is accessed by a roundabout on the RD 23 road known here as “Le Barreau”. The footbridge installed over this roundabout can be seen from away due to its unusual pillars; it is the first energy tower of the site.

From this roundabout and turning right or left, you access the BIZ via the main road serving the area and opening out onto the boulevard. When taking this way, you can already see the second energy tower at the end of the boulevard. Various offices and services will be built along this boulevard. This service road is lined with an alternation of wooded areas and open land plots arranged in drawer style with buildings hosting businesses.

A system of secondary ways branching off from the main service road has been created, with a circle at the end of each branch for U-turns. These secondary roads are north-facing so that the houses can receive all of the sunlight.

The silhouetted images of the Waldtstadt 1 houses appear behind the foliage of the woods on both sides of the boulevard whereas the structures of the more lively recreational area are embedded in a clearing.

The Waldtstadt 2 complex is located further up to the north, connected to the heart of the area by the footbridge placed on the first.

Preparatory arrangements

Pending the erection of the buildings along the boulevard, a provisional park is to be created in preparation for the future.

Being the park for the future parK, it has the symbolical value of the foundation stone. It brings together young and old alike for recreational activities that are still to be selected (e.g. a maze, a vegetable garden, a ball game…) and begin playing the role of a forum where people will socialize, learn from each other, exchange.

The structures is created using primarily local wood species. The material used are mostly deck boards, with siding boards for seats, sand boxes and children’s playgrounds.

Signage :

Specific signage are applied using a special paint applied on the ground, an asphalt strip or street furniture.

This flexible type of signage, both scalable and playful, is a way to enhance the dynamic character of the site. Coloured bands on the model of a printed circuit have been devised as a symbol of active connections linking one another’s activities. These bands may be complemented as the parK expands and develops.

Soft modes of transport : Experiencing subtle changes of ambience in the parK.

The Program layout also offer a network of paths dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists.

Be it to go to work, move around in the area, jog or just go for a walk, 5 km of paths are created.

To avoid monotony and offer a wide variety of landscapes, the paths laid out along the streets, or alongside the forest, sometimes in wet grasslands and sometimes under the high trees.